The main symptom of insomnia is the hard times when trying to get some sleep at night. It may seem even easier to fall asleep at day time. Keep in mind that the process of such rest is a two-fold procedure. Falling asleep is the opposite of waking up. The person should not sleep more than 8 hours as it is not healthy. Because people with insomnia cannot sleep well at night, they cannot get up early and may sleep 10 or even more hours.

The signs of other disturbing health issues may be present during the attacks of insomnia. Insomnia can be even a symptom of the symptom meaning there can be very different reasons for the patient to fall asleep hardly depending on his medical history and other personal characteristics. People with the following problems have insomnia more often than others: asthma, arthritis, Alzheimer’s, etc.

The person with insomnia can’t get enough sleep. Never. No matter how many hours he or she manages to sleep at night, the person still feels tired day long. Even if there are no troubleshoots at night, the person can think the morning came too soon. It is difficult to wake up and stand up. No matter how many cups of coffee the person drinks, it does not work.