Those who suffer from ulcerative colitis complain of the tumors, swelling, and inflammation in the field of rectum. Another name for this body part is simply anus. The doctors report about severe ache in this place as well as bleeding, especially when it comes to diarrhea. It may be both cause and result of problems with stool. People believe there is a bowel movement to happen soon, but it’s a false feeling.

As it usually happens, when problems with stool such as diarrhea appear, people start losing weight. It is also connected with the desire to drink much water and further dehydration. Finally, who would like to eat when the stomach hurts so much? A rapid weight loss is often detected when pancolitis, another form of the illness, occurs. This symptom is accompanied by the ongoing fatigue.

There is one more critical element missing except for the water when ulcerative colitis appears. It is an iron. Health care professionals have another name for iron deficiency. Thus, we can say that another symptom of ulcerative colitis is anemia. The main reason is, once again, diarrhea and other issue with stool. This process makes the patient lose significant amounts of blood along with the iron. Run a blood examination to check the problem’s source.