A harsh pain in abdomen reminds many people of Crohn’s disease. An ulcerative colitis reminds more of the cramps in the region of abdomen. It causes a lot of discomfort. Patient describe it as a stabbing ache. It feels like the stomach is going to erupt being full of gases or food. It is hard to stimulate any bowel movement, however. When it comes to remission, the stomach ache is gone.

As the feeling of explosive bowel movement is just a mirage, it is impossible to have a normal stool. The primary problem with stool when ulcerative colitis is present is constipation – inability to push the bowel when attending WC. The person is pretty sure it is time to, but he or she simply cannot do it. It is because the lower colon and rectum are not functioning the way these two organs should. In other cases, bloody diarrhea takes place.

Each known problem with stool is associated with the lack of water in a body. It all leads to serious cases of dehydration. Dehydration refers to the severe lack of H2O in organism, which leads to the inability of many organs to work as they should. Usually, diarrhea causes this condition. Fulminant colitis is another form of the disease when dehydration can be noticed.