As for the ulceroglandular form, it is known to be the most widespread type of tularemia. Its signs are fever, regular chills, severe headache, swelling, lymph pain, and a skin ulcer. In both cases, the person might get infected after the insect’s bite or close contact with the animal-carrier. Some medical workers name up to seven types of this disease.

It is obvious that you would like to know how to prevent this problem, especially if you love animals. Try to avoid the endemic zones of which you are aware. Learn which regions are considered endemic ahead. Use special defensive clothing like tick-proof wardrobe when you have to be in those areas for some reason. Once you leave the zone of risk, scan your body for the harmful ticks and bites. Get rid of them immediately.

Put on the rubber gloves and masks if you should work with rabbits and rodents. These creatures often have the harmful ticks. It parasites in their fur. Make sure to cook the birds meat attentively and carefully. It is better to drink only 100% safe water. Remember about the dangers of contaminated water and food. Be aware that there is no corresponding vaccine in the US as for today.