Tularemia Symptoms, Causes and Prevention

Francisella tularensis is the scientific name of tularemia, a disease which is not frequently met in nature. People also call it a rabbit fever because of its character. It is the etiological agent of tularemia, a severe and often fatal disease of people and animals. This problem is usually discovered in the organs of vision, skin, and lungs. Most often, such creatures as rabbits and hares suffer from this disease.

Other mammals and even birds can become the victims too. People who have pets should watch out as domestic animals often get infected as well. Taking into account the disease is rather infectious, it is important to keep away from the source of illness, no matter whether it’s an animal or a human. In addition, the disease may be passed with the insect bite. Several groups of antibiotics can help to overcome the disease only in case the doctors detect it at the early stage.

What can we say about the symptoms of this severe disease? The person has to wait for 2-4 days for the first signs to show up. These initial symptoms include the desire to vomit, high fever, headache, cold, and prostration of the high intensity. Because of the high body temperature, the person is sweating massively.