Person also feels a general body weakness as people usually do when they catch a cold or flu. If you wait for maximum 48 hours more, you will notice a burning, swelling papule. It usually forms on the extremities, eyes, and around the mouth. It quickly turns pimply and ruined. On the whole, these symptoms are predetermined by the type of exposure. The patients have just one ulcer on the arms but several or many in the throat or eyes.

As you may guess, most of the cases of tularemia are forecasted by the direct and close contact with the domestic or wild animals that are at a high risk of facing this disease. It is dangerous to play with or feed the ill pets. Some people well prairie dogs that may be infected to the naïve buyers. If the person inhales the material produced by the ill pet, he/she risks falling sick. If the dog or cat murders a rodent or rabbit attacked by tularemia, it will most probably be under threat too.

The contaminated meat and similar foods are the carriers of the infection as well. Such food may result into the high, long-lasting fevers. It is not that easy to catch the disease from the direct contact with the infected animal, and this transmission is almost excluded. It happens more often when people interact with the specific animal products through drinking unsafe water. Contaminated meals and drinks were the greatest issues during the war.