Insomnia. Well, it makes sense that a person who suffer from anxiety and ongoing depression cannot sleep well or have troubles with falling asleep even after a long, hard-working day. Add long-lasting numbness in the limbs, especially fingers, trembling/shaking of the whole body, and you’ll get the answer to the question, “Why insomnia can be another symptom of celiac disease?”

It is almost impossible for the patients with celiac disease to focus. They are inattentive to details, always thinking about their own worries instead of other daily tasks like those they receive at work. Health care professional define this condition as a ‘brain fog.’ The best way to overcome this sign is to keep away from the meals that contain high levels of gluten, it might be difficult to concentrate for several days or even one week.

The worst symptom of any illness, in fact, is the absence of any symptoms. It is difficult then to diagnose the health disorder on time, so the illness may progress silently and result into something worse suddenly. It’s a strange thing, but most people report they had no idea of celiac disease in their bodies for a long time.