Being in a bad mood closer to depression is one of the first symptoms not only of many emotional disorders but a celiac disease. The longer the person has the disease, the higher rates of his depression are. Doctors noticed that depression rates are higher among patients who suffer from this particular problem. It is often closely related to the fact such people stick to the gluten-free diets. It is better to consult psychologists timely.

If the extremities of the person are trembling all the time, it is a symptom of celiac disease. The limbs also get numb periodically. Among all parts of the arm or leg, fingers are the most sensitive. Thus, it is easy to detect celiac disease by observing the reaction of fingers. Tingling fingers most probably mean that a person has this health condition. If you stop feeling extremities for a while, consult a doctor.

Nightmare ache. Imagine someone who had extremely hard working day and who wants to relax after that in front of the TV and go asleep afterward. In one moment, in the middle of the night, this person wakes up by reason of sudden sharp pain. That is another flashing symptom of celiac disease. Those flashes of the disease come suddenly and are not very pleasant. Such bouts of ache are the result of pain and numbness in limbs and some other parts of the body. It cannot be cured with more comfortable sleeping condition.