Not only health care professionals often recommend to isolate people diagnosed with schizophrenia – these patients love to stay alone. Well, it’s better to say that other people may simply scare them and worsen the situation, no matter how close those people are. Family members often can’t do anything to improve the situation. A complete isolation is usually a sign of mental disorder and inability to live within society.

People who have this diagnosis cannot allocate their thoughts. Usually, their opinions completely change and become rather chaotic. It is meant to be a disorganized way of thinking. It results in significant communication problems. People become unable to express their thoughts properly and clearly; they may lose the point in the middle of the conversation and start talking about something else. Such speech defects alone with the lack of concentration are two other typical symptoms. The inability to communicate with others often makes such patients rather annoyed. The irritation may progress into the rage and hatred to the surrounding world, empowered by the negative hallucinations.

We often notice apathy in people when they are sleepy, nervous, or in a bad mood. However, it should not last from day to day, every couple of hours. Otherwise, it should be a symptom of some mental disorder. For instance, psychopathy, schizophrenia, and psychosis often share this sign. The desire to spend less time with people around frequently leads to this condition. The disorganized behavior usually motivates people to feel excessive in the community. They feel like they play no role in the lives of others and stop recognizing the life value and meaning.