Those who are diagnosed with schizophrenia may have double vision, blurred eyesight, or even see extra things from ‘another world.’ They often start confusing the reality with their imaginary world. All five senses experience something which is not present. Also, such people often hear voices inside their heads. These voices may command and control the patients, often adversely.

One more common symptom of this mental disorder is paranoia. We often call people ‘paranoiacs’ jokingly when they are too anxious about some things that are not worth that attention. In fact, a paranoid type of the mental disorder is not about some fun: it may be rather serious. In most cases, the person cannot manage the paranoia: even if he or she realizes everything is fine, the individual remains rather scared and anxious. It may be caused by the feeling of discomfort or false thoughts.

People with a good imagination can only guess what patients with mental disorders picture. Those who have schizophrenia are like living in the parallel universe. They often reject the reality and people around them. They are often damaged or embarrassed without a good reason, or they may hurt themselves as well as others. These patients are scared of things that do not exist. There are a lot of signals similar with hypochondria.