An unexpected fever is another symptom of the strep throat. A fever has a hot nature, letting the body achieve rather high temperatures. In most cases, it is 102 degrees Fahrenheit. This type of fever is different from those initiated by the infections of other types. For instance, chills appear in just part of cases. A general malaise is not always in place as well. It might be dangerous to decide on the medication without consulting a doctor.

It is obvious that a patient will feel sick. A general nausea is also present. A person might experience a strong desire to vomit. The infection associated with the strep throat attacks many different areas of human body. However, it is not necessarily that a person suffers from the strep throat only because of feeling sick, weak, and experiencing nausea. Other symptoms are important to show up before making a final conclusion.

People report the lack of appetite. Not only food calls a desire to vomit; the person does not feel thirst as well, and it is rather dangerous, as the body requires even more water than regularly. The loss of appetite is usually associated with the itchy, painful feelings in throat. A tiny weight loss is the logical outcome of this symptom. After taking prescribed medication such as antibiotics, the person will soon return to the normal regime and eating habits.

People all feel pain down the neck. The throat ache causes too much discomfort and other related symptoms. The ache will expand from the top of your throat down the neck and chest. A patient will feel like someone is scratching his throat. There is no easy or quick way to reduce the pain. A healthcare professional can offer some relevant medications to ease the pain – do not decide on your own!