A person may notice an increase in lymph nodes. The lymphoid tissues get inflamed. Pay attention to both your neck and tonsils. In case the local lymph nodes are inflamed, it alarms a serious level of health condition. It means the infection is expanding rather quickly over the organism. The inflamed lymph nodes in neck are still the most warning symptom, which requires an immediate consultation.

One more common sign of the strep throat is wheezing – a specific sound people make when they start losing their voice or experience some other difficulties with speech. It is often accompanied by coughing. This phenomenon may take place even in the nighttime. It prevents the person from having a healthy sleep. In some cases, wheezing means nothing special, and it one should not panic. In other cases, it is better to talk to your doctor, especially when wheezing is followed by other symptoms of the strep throat.

Scan the throat to find out whether any white patches are present. Stand in front of the mirror and check the throat or ask someone around to do so and see if the white patches are in there. Apply a flashlight with another hand to scan the inside areas. If you suspect a child, put on the mask of a doctor by asking a little patient to stick a tongue out and check the throat with the help of, for example, spoon. See whether the child’s throat is irritated, red, swollen, or has some white patches.