In some cases, doctors call this health condition Raynaud’s disease. The potential outcomes include gangrene and pits in the flesh as well. In some cases, the situation gets critical enough to implement an amputation of the limbs or other attacked organs. The patients experience severe issues with circulation. In separate cases, these people are running out of breath as the lungs are damaged too. A high blood pressure is present.

What do physicians need to diagnose Scleroderma properly? As far as the disease may take many shapes and influence various organs, it is hard to define it accurately. The first stage is a detailed physical test anyway. It includes the blood examination, which goal is to scan the blood for the particular antibodies.

These antibodies are the products of the human immune system, which stops functioning properly. A doctor will require a tiny tissue sample to discover abnormalities (if any). Breathing exams are another good way to check. Finally, a physician may offer a CT scan of lungs or an echocardiogram. The last thing checks the heart’s health.