It is time to list some of the potential risk factors. Due to the fact the exact causes of Scleroderma are unknown, it is difficult to decide on the risk factors as well. Perhaps, the mix of the exposures to various environmental factors may provoke the disease.

Another possible risk factor is the particular viruses. In most cases, genetically meant individuals suffer from this health condition. The consequences might be a blood vessel injury or a collagen storage. Both consequences are dangerous.

The consequences of Scleroderma vary from soft to rather dangerous. In rare cases, the outcomes may be fatal. The patients are unable to perform motions easily as they used before. The problem is the limitation of movements. The feeling of swelling will not leave for a while. A skin hardens. The patient loses the ability to display emotions and move as the extremities, face, and mouth become almost disabled. Joints and muscles also suffer from the same problem.