People may also run out of breath as they do not get enough oxygen to the blood. It is felt when the individual is doing some exercises or just having a walk. As a result, such people feel overloaded and exhausted. Fatigue is another typical symptom. Another common sign is the ongoing pain in the areas of joints and muscles. People also start losing weight and experiencing problems with appetite. Clubbing occurs in the area of extremities, in particular fingers and toes.

It is possible to recover from IPF when doing everything properly. The treatment completely depends on the source of the problem, so often it is hard to prescribe the proper medication or therapy. Patients may try suppressing inflammation to cure disorders of this type. Don’t forget about applying corticosteroids.

Doctors recommend using powerful immune suppressants to increase the organism’s resistance. Those are popular nowadays Cytoxan and Imuran (but not both at a time). Extra air is often required because of the lack of oxygen. The last resort is a complex, expensive, and life-threatening surgery like a lung transplantation. More than half of such ‘lucky beggars’ manage to prolong their existence only for a couple of years after such operation.