The alveoli are critical elements which make it possible to breathe. Not just to breath, but absorb oxygen from the world around us effectively. Hundreds of disorders and diseases are there expecting people whose organism does not receive enough oxygen. Small air sacs are responsible for delivering air to the bloodstream. They make human body rich for oxygen.

If the alveoli are somehow hurt, swelled, or destroyed, the oxygen stops moving to the blood. That is how and when pulmonary fibrosis forms and progress. The human organism then attempts to recover from the injury using scars. However, the outcome is not as expected: the lungs than becoming less elastic or lose elasticity at all. The wounds shape the tiny air sacs.

In case the inflammation goes on spreading, the lungs stop producing the necessary amount of oxygen even if the person breathes. The blood then stops retrieving oxygen, and many functions are not accomplished. First and for most, it attacks lungs and heart, reducing the overall organism’s efficiency.