Specialists still don’t really know what provokes ocular migraine. Some people suppose that it’s caused by changes in nerve cells in the retina. Spasms in blood vessels in the retina, the mucous in the back of the eye. It happens not very often, but the above-mentioned kinds of migraine may cause a constant sight loss in one eye. Doctors are not sure whether medicines against migraines (anti-seizure cures or tricyclic antidepressants) can avoid the sight loss.

But if you’ve got an ocular migraine, even if it passes by itself, consult a doctor concerning its signs. How to determine this illness? The doctor should ask the patient about their symptoms and examine their eyes. He’ll try to exclude other triggers which can provoke the same problems, for example, conditions, preventing the blood from clotting within normal limits (polycythemia and sickle cell anemia). Drug addiction, various blood vessel troubles, connected with autoimmune diseases must be omitted.

The same symptoms may be during the giant cell arteritis. It is an illness causing blood vessel inflammation. It can provoke blindness or sight problems. Also you must be sure you don’t have spasms inside the artery bringing blood to the retina. Amaurosis fugax is a short-term blindness because of insufficient blood flow to the eye. It’s caused by the obstruction in the artery leading to the eye.