People with ocular migraine may have the loss of sight or one eye blindness for less than an hour. One can have it either during the migraine or after it. It’s rather an uncommon affliction. Some experiments show that often the indications are connected with other health problems. Permanent headache attacks can provoke sight problems (aura), which includes blind spots and flashing lights. Usually both eyes have these signs.

Go to the doctor and make sure it’s ocular migraine not other diseases with the same symptoms. Ocular migraine has other names like: monocular, ophthalmic, retinal and visual. The warning indications of it are: a headache continuing from four to seventy-two hours. It usually pulsates or throbs, you feel worse when moving, sense pain, the latter influences one side of your head.

Sight problems may alter just one eye. This may be a sight change or migraine with an aura. It continues from some minutes to half an hour. Sometimes it’s difficult to determine whether only one eye feels it. The blindness or flashing lights can be on one side of the vision, but the signs may be connected with both eyes. Aren’t you sure? Close one eye and after this another one. Other indications involve: sensitivity to the sounds and light, vomiting, sickness.