It’s wrong to rely only on medicine. Though medical cure may relieve the signs of depression, it’s usually forbidden to use it for a long time. Other kinds of treatment can also be very efficient like medicine, sometimes even more. However the mentioned type of cure doesn’t have side effects unlike pills, syrup and so on. But never forget that medication works better, if to use complex approach.¬†Finding the right treatment needs time. It may not be very easy to select the best cure for you. It may turn out that a certain doctor can’t help you either. Or an antidepressant may prove to be too weak for you. So be ready to experiment before you find a suitable therapy.

It’s also important to change your way of life. First of all, reduce the stress. Try to diminish the influence of different work and overburden upon you. Normalize your sleep. Sleep deprivation makes you irritated, sad and tired. Sleep 7-9 hours each night. Remember, that nutrition determines your mental and physical health. Social support plays an influential role too. So contact your family and friends regularly. Physical exercises help to overcome the depression. Thanks to them more endorphins, serotonin and other brain chemicals are produced.

Complementary or alternative treatments imply herbal and vitamin supplements, relaxation techniques (yoga, mindfulness meditation, tai chi), acupuncture. It is still unknown, whether vitamins and herbal medicine is effective. Natural herbal supplements may have aftereffect and food or drug interactions. So be careful with them. Acupuncture implies the usage of thin needles for certain areas of your body as a therapy. But be sure to find a qualified professional for this. Relaxation techniques alleviate the symptoms of depression, they decrease stress, make you be in high moods. You may try deep breathing, yoga, meditation and muscle relaxation.