Meningitis has a range of flu-related symptoms. That is why it is easy to confuse these two disorders. Enterovirus acts similarly, so viral meningitis has almost the same qualities as flu or cold. The patient may end up with a runny nose, coughing, and having body temperature. In fact, this type of meningitis is rather tricky as the signs are different for different people. Thus, some patients may experience pain in the neck and headaches.

People diagnosed with meningitis often experience a desire to vomit because of nausea and some other factors. It is hard to explain or predict nausea in this case. These signs take place as the meninges get inflamed. It is not necessarily supported by the desire to vomit. The brain sends a specific signal to the rest of the organs, which provokes vomiting and nausea. The level of these symptoms and the presence of vomiting depends on the level of complexity.

The patient may get confused because of a severe headache, fever, or nausea. All of these symptoms are interconnected. Blurred vision may occur in such cases. Another possible phenomenon is a brain of a patient can experience several times per day. It will become complicated to concentrate on things and making decisions. It is the result of a swelling feeling in the brain and corresponding reactions. A person cannot see the difference between dreams and reality any longer and may forget important things.