The first sign of meningitis might be a tough/rigid neck. Meningitis is a type of infection that attacks the human brain. Then, it moves smoothly to the spinal cord. That is why a person may feel a rigid neck as well as the back. The membranes surrounding the spinal cord start decreasing the opportunity to move. The movements become limited because of the swelling sensation. Add a certain level of discomfort and reasonable ache to the limitations in the movement to get a full picture.

The patients frequently report about the increase in body temperature when diagnosed with meningitis. Such high fever causes an increased anxiety. People who suffer from this health condition also have cold extremities, both low and upper. A special form called viral leads to the low-grade fever. It is possible to confuse the regular flu with meningitis because of the chills and overall health condition.

The patients complain of regular headaches when they suffer from meningitis. An ongoing headache varying from a mild to severe level is an alarming sign in most situations. It feels like a migraine. Usually, it takes place all of a sudden, before the fever steps in. So, it is simple to draw a parallel between these two symptoms. In case of meningitis, this symptom will show up in something like 7 days.