Wet AMD. 10% of dry AMD situations evolve into the wet form of this disorder. The patient starts seeing blind spots in central vision first. Both organs become rather sensitive to any signs of light. Occult and classic categories exist. The vision loss is less serious is the first case. However, CNV may cause complete blindness.

There are two major causes of this eye disorder: Aging, Genetic component. There is a gene called a complement factor H (CFH). In fact, it is the riskiest factor when it comes to potential vision loss. Factor B is one more source of the problem. A bit less dangerous are the oxygen-deprived cells. These elements form vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF). It has certain risks to the health of our eyes as well.

Macular degeneration is most frequently faced by the mature men and women. There is no tendency which gender suffers more. This condition of the eye associated with aging usually causes blindness smoothly. Pay attention to the first warning signal such as the gloomy, dark spots when you try to look just in front of you.