Get enrolled into the macular degeneration test aimed to define whether the distorted vision is temporary or severer. It is possible to identify the symptoms of this disorder even before the actual symptoms pop up. A retinal test is another way to check is there is something wrong going on with the matured patient’s eyes. Eye care experts often apply an Amsler grid to evaluate the central vision. Finally, if the first hidden signs are noticed, it is recommended to try fluorescein angiography.

You won’t find FDA-approved medication in case of dry AMD. On the other hand, doctors recommend several groups of vitamins as the most proper and effective treatment/prevention measure. They might help to prevent the severest stages when the patient risks losing vision. Buy some nutritional supplements with antioxidants capable of supporting your vision. Make sure they have lutein or zeaxanthin on the list of ingredients. These vitamins are necessary to avoid wet AMD consequences as well.

Anti-angiogenic drugs. Be ready that you’ll get injections right into the eye! In fact, it is not that painful – it is important to find a good specialist. The vessels will stop developing, so the retina will be saved from further consequences. In many cases, it is the only chance to restore vision at least partially. It may be a time-consuming process, so the vision will recover smoothly.

Laser therapy. Lasers are used to treat many cosmetic and health-related problems today. Some apply this medicine to solve problems with skin, and others try laser therapies and even surgeries to restore vision. Laser does not help blind people, so do not postpone the treatment. It is completely safe despite all stereotypes and rumors.
Photodynamic laser is one more thing which may help people diagnosed with the macular degeneration. It solves the problem with light sensitivity.