Those who have lymphoma cannot breathe without any obstacles. Such people find it hard to breathe no matter what they are doing. The main reason is the overloaded respiratory system. As it is closely connected with other systems such as immune or lymphatic, it suffers as well. The lymph nodes get larger – it prevents patients from breathing as humans should. There is not enough oxygen in the lungs. The problem begins in the thymus and spreads further.

The abdomen of the victim is usually bloating. The patient feels like there is a tumor inside, which is growing in its size. Somehow, he is right. In case the lymphoma is placed closer to the abdomen, the stomach is like injured. The lymph nodes which get greater in their size, as well as the development of a high amount of liquid, are the keys. The abdomen becomes very tender and sensitive to any touch.

Regular infections are the last symptom of lymphoma. As the disease negatively influences red and white cells along with the platelets, the immune system is under threat. It stops working properly. The organism stays without its main protector, so the infection uses its chance and gets through. Defending bacteria are deactivated: it makes the person too weak even against the typical flu or cold.