Patients who may have lymphoma complain of having high temperature and other signs of fever regularly. Sometimes, it might mean that some infection penetrated the body. The ongoing fever which does not give you a chance to recover fully is a warning symptom of many disorders, lymphoma is one of the worst guesses. Pay attention to whether this fever does not leave in more than a week.

Getting sweat at night time is one more potential symptom of lymphoma. It is difficult for people who suffer from this disease to control their body temperature. Fever and other signs of a harsh fight of the immune system are the reasons for patients to sweat more than others without any visible factors. People with this diagnosis switch from cold and flu to typical fever, and vice versa. That is why they don’t have a good sleep, which is predetermined by sweaty nights.

People who start complaining of the itchy body surface may have lymphoma as well. Its cells may be increasing. While getting bigger, they create a specific chemical; it leads to the overall irritation. In addition, the chemical is the source of red bumps that often appear in the body. The regions where the lymphoma is present suffer. The patients start treating this issue with the commonly recommended drugs, but they do not help; instead, the lesions of the skin turn even itchier in the areas.