Leukemia may begin with such an innocent phase as the flu. This dangerous illness is often confused with the ordinary flu, which prevents people from acting on time. One should try to memorize chronic and acute forms of the disease exist. Being susceptible to contagion is the first sign of the risky disease which should not be ignored, especially when followed by other symptoms. The patient starts coughing, trembling, feeling cold, sweating at night, and having high body temperatures.

leukemia symptoms

Getting overwhelmed and exhausted even when doing simplest daily activities is always a sign of the bad health condition, but it is especially important to notice in case of leukemia. Red blood cells should bring oxygen to every part of the organism to let it functions properly. A number of red blood cells may suddenly drop. If it happens, there is no proper element responsible for delivering oxygen to the entire body. Anemia and long-lasting fatigue are the results of leukemia symptoms.