The next thing to discuss is the risk factors. In fact, any person who visits the infected regions may face histoplasmosis, and he or she can get sick more than once. In most cases, the doctors report the problem in the young adults and little children, as they are more sensitive to the droppings. Aged people are easily infected as well. A lot depends on the immune system work as well as chronic lung disease (if present).

The people with the second diagnosis usually experience more serious forms of this condition than others. Professionals who have to work with soil, bats, or birds a lot in the specified regions of Atlantic are under the high risk too. Those could be landscapers, demolition employees, or farmers.

Is it possible to prevent the disease? As you may guess, it is not recommended to get in touch with the soil or flying animals in the zones of southeastern, central, or mid-Atlantic regions. It is better to avoid areas where histoplasmosis is common. Keep away from the exposure – prevent renovation projects that might be the reason for the close contact with the possible infected soil.