It is interesting that even those people who have already gone through this problem may experience histoplasmosis again. It is not very typical for most of the infections. In the second and further cases, the disease will not be that active and will pass easier. A soil, which contains many organic elements attracts this sort of infection most of all. Those are the droppings released by the mentioned flying creatures.

Some symptoms help to define the problem. To begin with, you will not necessarily get sick after the direct contact with the droppings. People with a healthy immune system will most probably survive this stage. If the person gets infected, the first symptoms will most probably show up in 3-17 days, so it is impossible to define the problem immediately. The patients report about the cases similar to flue, fever, and pneumonia, so it makes many of them panic.

A person will experience chills, high fever, and ache in the chest. A dry cough supports all of these. Add sweating as the outcome of relatively high fever and body temperatures. Malaise is one more thing, which could help to determine the health condition. In rare cases, the joint ache is also present. In serious situations, people diagnosed with histoplasmosis may lose their weight rapidly, run out of breathing, and feel extra tired all day long.