Warm bath. Taking a warm bath decreases skin inflammation and soothes the swelling provoked by hemorrhoids. Some patients prefer to add other components to the bath to make the signs of the illness less. There may be apple cider vinegar or a cup of Epsom salts. Somebody applies apple cider vinegar right to the hemorrhoid, however this causes strong burning and skin swelling.

It’s necessary to change your lifestyle. Drinking much water is an efficient prevention of this illness. The stool becomes softer and it doesn’t imply much efforts when going to the toilet. The food must be fiber-rich. It’s especially important when talking about the right digestion. Fiber absorbs liquid, which softens excrement.

It’s necessary to wear loosefitting, underwear and pants, made of cotton. There mustn’t be any skin irritation, excessive sweating because of natural material. Don’t push in the toilet. Use damp toilet paper instead of ordinary.