Ancient people used aloe vera to cure a lot of problems. The plant is famous for its anti-inflammatory characteristics, it alleviates injuries. Aloe assuages tingle, burning and turgidity provoked by hemorrhoids near the anus. Why is pureness so necessary in this situation? Different chemicals and various added ingredients can worsen the signs. Various aloe vera gels are accessible in online shops.

Coconut oil. This substance is an unrefined lotion, which has a very positive effect if a person suffers from hemorrhoid indications. Coconut oil decreases cracks, swelling and skin irritation. So it won’t hurt you in any way. That’s why you may try this remedy with peace of mind, without fear of consequences.

Witch hazel. Some people use it to treat external hemorrhoids or at least to relieve the discomfort during it. This plant is a binder, that makes the tissue contract. It also has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant qualities. Witch hazel decreases the bruises. Just a bit of this plant on a cotton ball and applying it on the hemorrhoid rids of different symptoms. If this technique aggravates the situation, then use another, more appropriate method. Don’t dilute witch hazel with alcohol, because the latter aggravates and desiccates hemorrhoid.