It is comparatively easy to diagnose this disease as the signs are visual and cover specific regions of the body (the area in front of and behind the knee. Anyway, it is important to see the health care provider to detect the problem accurately as well as learn about the causes mentioned above. The initial procedure to pass is a special physical test aimed to define the nature of the lumps and nodules. Health care providers should pay attention to the distribution and progress of skin lesions, their color, shape, and the condition of joints.

Mind that hilar lymph nodes might show up and progress as a result of the hypersensitivity reaction of the organism which is fighting the disease. Even if the symptoms are obvious, it is still recommended to run a biopsy. The doctor then takes a tiny part of the infected body surface to test closely. Without this process, it is difficult to make a final conclusion.

As far as the nature of erythema nodosum is rather harmful to skin’s appearance, patients do everything possible to fully recover and look fine again. It is critical to identify the underlying problem unless the disease is chronic. Determine the character of the skin lesions or leave it to a doctor. He will then prescribe the necessary medicine. Two most popular approaches to curing erythema nodosum include: anti-inflammatory drugs, cortisone (taken by mouth or via injection).

The second type of treatment was developed to take care of the inflammation processes by minimizing them. It is important to select a treatment based on the individual symptoms and causes. Mind that this disturbing health condition has no danger for the internal parts of the body, so there is no need to panic. When choosing the treatment, focus on the specific type of the skin.