It makes sense that people with the lack of appetite start losing their weight, but patients with Crohn’s disease may lose it too rapidly. As the eating habits change, the patients lose its normal, healthy size. The loss of weight might result in other serious problems. Various mental issues may lead to this common problem as well.

People who suffer from Crohn’s disease often complain of the irregular bowel movements. This phenomenon is closely related to problems with stool like diarrhea. Bowel movements are urgent and rather severe. The patient feels like he has to visit a water closet when he actually does not need to go. The stomach is feeling full without even eating something.

The persons with Crohn’s disease use to complain of bleeding. It is important to notice whether you poop and bleed at the same time. It is not okay to combine these two features. The reason for such reaction to occur is the intestine and rectum, so it’s necessary to check these two organs. It is better to examine the entire digestive tract so far: having a bloody stool is always a warning symptom.

Constipation is less frequent than diarrhea, but it also takes place. The person might feel like having this problem when he or she believes they are full. Sometimes, it’s a foolish feeling in people with Crohn’s disease. While some patients share they can’t stand diarrhea any longer, other patients report they have an opposite issue they can’t get rid of.