Problems with stool are the first sign you might be having a Crohn’s disease. Instead of constipation, a person with this type of disease experiences regular diarrhea, which causes a lot of discomforts. The symptom is urgent meaning it may pop up at anytime and anywhere, so the patient should always be ready for this challenge. The problem with the act itself is not the worst thing so far. The question is about the regularity of such stool.

Diarrhea and other symptoms of the Crohn’s disease are followed by the pain in the stomach. Abdominal suffering and cramps make patients who have this disease feel very uncomfortable at work and other places. The inflammation implies having tumors or lumps in the abdomen. In many cases, such swelling may occur in the shape of an orange or apple. The size may continue growing. Patients may face this symptom developing from medium to extreme.

Regular, unstoppable fevers. As far as many diseases have fevers among the main symptoms, it is not that easy to define why the patient is suffering. What is the source of any fever? Right, the attempt of the human organism to resist the external threats like infections. If the fever takes place in the patient’s body, it is a good sign that your organism is fighting. However, if we speak about Crohn’s disease, a restive immune system assaults the digestive tract. It all results in the injury of tissues.