Pain in the stomach is a regular symptom of chickenpox. Stomach ache disturbs many kids, but this one has a tummy nature. Before the first signs of rash appear, little patients can also notice nausea among the symptoms. There is no need to worry: usually, it’s a good sign meaning that the organism tries to resist the disease. The reaction of the child’s immune system leads to stomach discomfort.

If your child denies having breakfast, dinner, or supper for some time, it may be a warning sign. The loss of appetite means that the child is not doing well. He or she may experience bloating feeling or no hunger at all. The ongoing pain in the stomach supported by nausea result in the loss of appetite in most cases. It leads to the rapid weight loss, so it is better to force the child to eat something to stay energetic and support a healthy weight.

If your child is suffering from harsh pain in any places, it is important to consult the doctor and solve the issue ASAP. It might be another symptom of chickenpox at the early stage. This symptom predetermines the rash. The spots appearing on the child’s skin lead to itchy and irritating feelings. Children’s hands and legs may become numb. The patient turns rather sensitive. The red bumps on the body may progress with the time.