The main sign a person may have the chickenpox is a regular headache. Even though chickenpox is defined as a moderate disorder, it is still worth paying attention. It may be rather infective. The first symptoms show up within the next 10-21 days. Most of the patients share that a light headache was the initial phase of the illness. It may vary from the light to medium and severe stage. This symptom can develop into a regular migraine.

A person with chickenpox may notice the signs of flu or cold. Those signals include fever/allergic reaction, pain in the muscles, distent throat, and nausea. These symptoms take place before the diseases progress. The danger is to confuse the simple flu or cold with the chickenpox and choose the wrong treatment. Within the week, visual signs allow telling whether a kid is suffering from the chickenpox. Right, children mostly experience this problem.

Just like many other viruses, this one causes a depletion and quick tiredness. The child starts feeling overloaded and wanting to sleep all day long. The patient is uncomfortable with the environment around; he is annoyed. This problem is followed by the itchy feelings, pain, fever, and other symptoms. It all reminds of the bad flu, but there is still a difference. The organism is trying to resist the chickenpox, so this process leads to certain discomfort.