Problems with your immune system. A Candida infection can cause an auto-immune disorder, or if you have an existing auto-immune disorder, it can be made considerably worse if you’re also suffering from a yeast infection. You must be especially careful if you have conditions such as Multiple Sclerosis or Arthritis because the effects of these can be magnified by Candida. Some studies have shown a similar reaction to a protein in Candida, as that which some people exhibit to gluten. It has also been shown that fibromyalgia, and other serious health issues such as chronic fatigue syndrome, are both very closely related to a Candida infection.

Serious problems with digestion. The usual cause for Candida is an imbalance in the flora of your gut. Your stomach usually contains beneficial bacteria, but when these are killed off by antibiotics or by a sustained and concentrated intake of sugar, Candida dominates over all the other strains and completely imbalances the flora of the gut. When this happens, digestion is inevitably affected. With the beneficial bacteria dominated by Candida, you will find that your body has considerable difficulty dealing with starches and certain kinds of sugar and that it is impossible for you to digest fiber

Fungus infections of the nails. If you’re suffering from fungus growths in your nails, this can be an extremely strong indicator that you are also suffering from Candida. The two are extremely closely related. As a matter of fact, other seemingly external disorders such as ringworm or athletes’ foot, can also be indicators of a Candida infection. People usually try to treat these with casual products bought at their local medical store, but a persistent nail fungus infection will require that you be treated for Candida and that you possibly must make changes to your diet to eliminate the high sugar content that fuels the Candida.