Extreme exhaustion. If you feel tired all the time, it might be attributable to a Candida infection. Candida albicans is what causes Candida infections. When you have a Candida infection in your gut, you are unable to properly digest food and may suffer from a lack of nutrition. This obviously can cause extreme fatigue, as you simply aren’t taking in enough nutrition to offset the energy demands of your day.

Gorging on sweets. Eating too many sweet things is not a symptom of Candida – rather it is one of the causative factors. Candida tends to multiply rapidly when it is supplied with sugar. If you look out at the street and see how many people are obese, and therefore, are probably gorging on sugar, you’ll realize that nearly two-thirds of people everywhere actually have a Candida problem. The simple fact is that an addiction for sugar is programmed into us in childhood, and remains with us as we grow up. Almost everyone today has a craving for sugar. The best thing you can do if you want to avoid a Candida problem is to considerably reduce the amount the sugar you take in. In many cases, simply reducing one’s sugar intake can cause a Candida infection to subside.

Problems with thinking clearly. While there may be a number of issues which can cause problems with thinking clearly, it could also be due to a Candida infection. When you’re suffering from an overgrowth of Candida albicans, this produces a toxin called acetaldehyde. If you have a serious Candida infection, your blood may literally be awash in acetaldehyde, and it may not be possible for your liver to process it all before some of it reaches your brain or your nervous system. Acetaldehyde can cause confusion in thinking, and can also prevent you from remembering things that would otherwise easily come to mind. It is also associated with an inability to concentrate. So, if you are experiencing any of the above symptoms, you might consider the possibility that you are suffering from a yeast infection.