Uncomfortable feelings in the area around the breast. Many women share they face breast pain on a regular basis. It’s not necessarily the symptom of breast cancer. However, the lump and tumor in this region may be the first warning. Even benign breast lumps may cause discomfort. Some examinations fail to detect the real causes of pain, but still, it’s worth visiting your health care provider.

It’s not a full list of symptoms so far. It all depends on the level and type of breast cancer. For instance, an inflammatory one makes the entire area of breast turn red and burn all the time. It also can be rather sore. Women usually feel that a belt is tightening their breast. They also feel extra pressure in this region. The skin of patient’s body may turn orange. Some patients report having an eruption on the nipples. Differentiating it from eczema is hard.

Distant breast of the pink or red color is another symptom of the breast cancer. Sometimes, women notice swollen breasts during the period of the Premenstrual syndrome. Then, it’s okay to have an issue like that. However, if this place of the female body is hot and remains red for a while, it is time to have examination! It can be inflammatory cancer causing your breasts to have a severe fever.

The last thing is to control the appearance of the nipples. Their discharge may be the result of a fluid flowing out from the breast. The nipples produce fluids unintentionally or when the patient is squeezing this part of the body. There are many shapes and colors this fluid may take: from milky to brown or even bloody. This fluid may be either thick or thin.