Breast cancer is the worst nightmare of any woman. To handle it effectively, it should be diagnosed at the early stages. The first alarming sign is a new mole or change in the old one. Frequently, this symptom is confused with the symptoms of the skin cancer as they look alike. However, changes in the current moles, as well as new ones, describe breast cancer too. Females who possess more moles in contrast to their colleagues demonstrate a 13% higher risk of having this disease.

The underlining fit of intense coughing. Most of the time, we associate this signal with the lung problems. However, a breast cancer may have it as an initial symptom. During the process of separation of some cells from the head cancer, new tumors appear. Health care providers define this phenomenon as secondary cancer. It provokes a hoarse throat which is not declining. The main reason is that the breast cancer sometimes reaches the area of lungs. In 70% of cases, the patients experience these problems with their lungs.

Have you noticed any fluctuations in your urine? What about the way your bowel behaves? The rapid changes in these elements are two other symptoms of the breast cancer. Many women share that it becomes too complicated or impossible to control the behavior of the bladder. Medical professional call it an incontinence. Coughing, laughing out loud, jumping, or practicing other types of intensive activities may promote this phenomenon. The patients will then notice a leaking urine.