As it was mentioned, people with asthma cannot always speak without any obstacles. It makes sense that breathlessness makes it impossible to talk as the person tries to catch a bit of air to reach the lungs. An inability to communicate appears during the severe attacks. A person is suffocating, but the wheezing disappears by that time. Other negative sides include loss of focus, sleep issues, problems with skin, and confusion.

People with asthma should not smoke! In case they do, they’d better quit this habit. This activity may also worsen the process and even approximate death. Passive smokers with asthma should not contact smoking people like the smell of tobacco may irritate them. The chemicals which every cigarette has, no matter nicotine-based or not, is especially harmful to the lungs of people with asthma. Such patients should also keep away from the vehicle exhaust fumes.

Restless nights. Patients who suffer from asthma cannot manage to have a healthy sleep. They often wake up at nights; it takes a while for them to fall asleep even if they are extremely tired. After midnight, the person may feel the lack of breath and other alarming symptoms. Both classic and cough variant asthmas are supported by the difficulty sleeping.  It happens because of the increased airway resistance and the fact that airway function decrease during the sleep.