The most popular symptom of asthma is, no doubt, the lack of breath. The patients become completely breathless in some situations, so they need to carry corresponding medicine everywhere. Older people face this problem quite often, so it does not necessarily mean they are attacked by asthma. It is more dangerous when young people experience breathlessness. It prevents them from speaking and breathing normally and requires an immediate aid.

A permanent cough is one more critical factor of asthma. Health care professionals define a so-called cough variant asthma when people just can’t stop coughing whatever they do. It disturbs them all day and night, preventing from having a healthy sleep. A cough has a dry character. This stable process may take up to 2-3 months. This symptom is often noticed among young children who are the high risk of experiencing asthma accompanied by wheezing.

Speaking about wheezing, it reminds of coughing by the sound, but it has a different nature. This phenomenon appears as the breath shortens. If the person feels tightness around his chest, it may be another reason to start wheezing. It sounds like the person is whistling all the time. Don’t hurry with the conclusion – it is important to attend health care professional first.