In most cases, the greatest threats come from the family genes. If one of the parents has this issue, it will be most probably transferred to the baby. In case of their types of this disease, those could be previous inflammatory and chronic diseases. It was noticed that most mature people face this problem. Thus, we can say that age of the person is another risk factor. Most often, the patients are more than sixty years old. The last risk factor associated with this disease is gender. Approximately 70% of all patients diagnosed with amyloidosis are men.

Amyloidosis Diagnosis. To detect whether a person really suffers from this specific medical condition, the doctors who deal with the particular injured organs conduct blood examinations. They show the level of abnormal proteins in the blood. Those are the light chain proteins that cause the primary type of this disease. A biopsy is another useful and time-tested method to detect the nasty amyloid protein by exploring the possibly damaged areas. Mind the entire zone inside the mouth and your throat.

Complain about what exactly you feel with your heart. Describe why your kidneys and liver suffer. Perhaps, the rectum is the main problem. Anyway, it is better to check all these organs. Specialists apply the unique dye, known as Congo red stain, to detect the protein in the biopsy specimen. For more details and further treatment, it is better to examine all injured organs separately. To do so, contact the following specialists: Hematologists, Nephrologists, Cardiologists, Pathologists.