Each person has a substance in his organism called amyloid. When it starts building up, it results in the unique type of disease called Amyloidosis. In fact, any tissue or part of the body can store a certain amount of this protein. Several various types of the disease exist based on the damaged part of the body or tissues. In most cases, doctors report the irregular work of the most critical organs. From one side, it is a heart, the center of our body. Second, nervous system also suffers, making the person rather emotional and irritated. Finally, those are our kidneys responsible for the water storage and many other important functions.

Thus, if you feel discomfort in your heart, nervous system, or kidneys, the main organs to be under the threat of growing amyloids, it is better to consult an expert. This rare disease is rather dangerous as it can cause heart failure and some other problems, risky for human life. The worst thing is that health care professionals have no idea about the possible remedy for this illness. On the other hand, the existing therapies help in restricting the expansion of the abnormal protein. It is the best way to control the situation by preventing the disease from progress.

Listing main causes. There is a single primary factor which stimulates the appearance and progress of the illness. It is a rapid fluctuation in abnormal proteins that deposit in different parts of the body. As it was mentioned above, you should watch your heart and kidneys first of all. However, that deposit could be found in the liver as well. The storage of the irregular proteins are there between the cells. Any fluctuations in them take place in case of gene mutations.