Types of Amyloidosis. There are five basic types of the disease defined by the doctors today: primary, familial, localized, dialysis amyloidosis, secondary. An immunoglobulin light chain (AL) takes place if the target cell starts producing more amounts of the abnormal proteins. A primary form of the disease attacks all organs mentioned in the beginning. Only through chemotherapy, it is possible to identify the source of the problem and get rid of the consequences.


AA type of the disease is a consequence of various chronic infections like tuberculosis. If the person experience rheumatoid arthritis or another inflammatory illness, the chances are also high. It is important to take care of the fundamental problem first.

Hereditary amyloidosis is also known as a familial one. Afro-Americans face this problem more frequently than other ethnic groups. The guilty protein, transthyretin, is deposited in the liver. If one of the parents has this illness, there a fifty percent chance of transferring it to a child. Once again, the patient should mind his nerves – it is important not to get very emotional. In the case of the hereditary form, the heart usually suffers most of all when it happens.