Many people, especially adolescents, suffer from pimples and other signs of acne. Salicylic is another form of effective treatment which prevents the issue. To have a maximum effect, use the treatment two times per day. You can purchase it at a concentration of 05% to 2% in different lotions and creams. The main effects include skin peeling and cleaning of pores. At the same time, it does not prevent the production of oil. The skin may remain dry at the initial stages of treatment.

One more good solution is a so-called Tazarotene (Tazorac). Since 1997, it can be applied as the stand-alone treatment of the noninflammatory acne. Mixing it with antibiotics may bring the desired results even faster. The drug is helpful when recovering from psoriasis and several other skin issues. You may want to buy a cream, gel, or foam. It is not recommended to use the medicine more than one time a day. If you want to experience low systemic exposure, choose the foam.

It’s not a secret that retinoids of different types are the best when it comes to eliminating any signs of acne. They are capable of handling various types, from mild to moderate forms of the illness. Thanks to the Vitamin A in its content, retinoids eliminate blackheads. People who suffer from wrinkles would also find this treatment useful; it protects from the adverse consequences of the sun. The most recommended treatment includes Retin-A, Differin, Retin-A Micro, etc. The spots may worsen before becoming completely clean.