A weird, ongoing headache is a rare symptom which still often takes place. An immediate, unpredictable pain in the top where brain is located is never a good sign, especially when it comes to the stroke. Moreover, such pain is usually quite intensive.

A research has observed about 600 people find out who are the target patients of the stroke. It was found that young people become victims more frequently. If a person used to have ongoing, usual migraines (intense headaches), he or she risks ending up with a stroke. A migraine, thus, is the first issue which may result into the problems with eyes.

The study also showed that male population suffers from the stroke less frequently than female population. It cannot be explained clearly. In fact, the stroke can be the result of many different factors. It is impossible to define it by the headache only. You should pay attention to the problems with vision more than any other symptoms. Still, if you notice the combination of few, it is important to consult a health care professional immediately. A lot of harmless things can lead to the doctors deciding on the wrong diagnosis. MRI scan is the tool to detect the real problem.