Problems with vision can be noticed at any stage of the stroke. Some people share they are losing their vision dramatically while others experience other fluctuations in how and what they see. In most cases, one eye suffers more than another one from various unhealthy conditions. It could be felt like a fog or some hallucinations.

Usually, people start seeing ‘twins’ everywhere: that is known as a double-vision effect. The worst thing is that the victim may go blind. Either one eye or both may turn blind. Stroke is also supported by the general weakness of body, difficulties with communicating, and other signs. None of them compares to the possibility of full sight loss. More than 1000 patients from a survey shared about serious problems with eyesight.

Problems with communication is one more symptom telling a person might be suffering from a stroke. This problem, on the whole, develops two significant problems that prevent from regular communication. First, the person is not able to speak up clearly. Second, the person does not always recognize what other people are telling him.