It is quite natural that human bowel actions in most cases smell bad. It is the normal state. Nevertheless, if one notices that their bowel smells spoiled and strong, it must be serious health problems. If the smell reminds you of fish, it can be a problem of cholera infection. This infection in the body, to be more specific, inside the intestine, causes this extremely smelling looseness. The reason is the smell of bacteria inside. In case of cholera, the second smell reason can be malabsorption.

Not enough mouth moist and felling of thirst. As it was said above the main symptoms of cholera cause body dehydration. From this dehydration, other symptoms come such as dry mouth, persistent thirst and feeling lack of moisture. This dehydration can cause even dry nose membranes, which become damaged due to lack of water inside. The second symptom feeling is extreme thirst. This feeling explanation is quite simple – the body needs watering and to drink is a most natural way to get water. That is why the infected patient becomes thirsty permanently. It is well known that 75% of human body is water, so when patients are very ill, they need to recover water loss and fill in this 75%.

Permanent tiredness and petulance. If we assume that a patient experiences a number of the symptoms, actually, this patient must have cholera, just for example. Try to remember the list of cholera symptoms – permanent thirst, dehydration, bad smell, vomiting, weight loss, etc. It is more than logical that the mood is awful in this case. Sickness irritates to such an extent that it drives the patient mad. Thus, the symptoms mentioned influence negatively on mentality and on the nervous system, not on the body only.

Muscle spasms. Spasm in muscles feels like unexpected strong, painful contraction of the muscle, which lasts for a few minutes. It happens mainly in limbs, yet it can happen anywhere in the body. This suffer releases after a few minutes by itself without any outside influence. Still, it is extremely painful. It is possible to relax this scamp to some extent by means of limb-stretching. If the reason of muscle spasms is cholera, the reason of them must be dehydration, lack of water and as consequence bad blood supply. That is why muscles function improperly. When muscles crump, they gross out.