Sickness in stomach and vomiting. Such symptoms as sickness, dizziness, and vomiting come at the same moment as the virus of cholera occurs in blood. It can last for some period even if, in your personal opinion, you are absolutely fit. First, nausea appears. It means that your body tries to inform you that the problem exists. The patient is getting dizzy, weak, and wants to stay not far from a water closet. If the virus of cholera exists, the vomiting is coming next with the copious allocation.

Delirium and fever. Those symptoms mean a consequence of temperature raising far above the normal level. Human body temperature fluctuates during a day starting from 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit and few degrees above. The lowest body temperature usually is observed just before down and the highest raises up about an afternoon. Delirium is often a sign of actively working the immune system. Fever and delirium is a precursor of the immune system’s fight against the incoming infection, viruses, and bacteria, which are temperature unstable.

Desiccation. Diarrhea and vomiting both cause the liquid exit from a human body. That means desiccation when the patient’s body is in need of water. Otherwise, it can not work properly anymore. It is connected with the body electrolytes system, which needs moisture to be balanced. Due to the vomiting and other body dehydration in case of cholera the headache can occur, constipation, apathy. Furthermore, if the patient stays without any treatment heavy consequences will appear up to death.