Various other indicators of cancer. Because cancer that occurs in the respiratory tract can manifest in many different possible locations, many varied symptoms are possible. Pain may be sited in as seemingly unconnected places as the ears, or even the chest. This is called radiated pain, in which pain seems to move to an area well beyond the point of location of the cancer. Some sufferers will experience discomfort while ingesting certain kinds of food, especially foods that are spicy or acidic. Others will report traces of blood in their spittle. But one of the most indicative of all symptoms of cancer is weight-loss, as this accompanies virtually every kind of cancer.

Beginning to cough blood. This is perhaps the most alarming and distressing of all symptoms, and will usually send a patient hurrying to their doctor. Coughing blood is obviously a sign of a serious health issue, and should not be ignored even if the amount of blood coughed up seems minor or innocuous. Remember that cancers are best caught in their early stages. If you have been coughing blood for a while and it seems chronic, it is definitely a symptom… the seriousness of which cannot be ignored. The source of the blood can vary depending on the location of the cancer. It can come from the throat or deeper in the respiratory tract, for example, the lungs. It could even come from the stomach.

Continuous and inexplicable loss of weight. A loss of weight is one of the most common indicators of cancer. It is also an exceedingly visible symptom. There are many plausible reasons for such a loss of weight, one being a disruption in the natural production of hormones. Another reason simply could be a lack of appetite due to a tumor in some part of the digestive passage, possibly the stomach. American cancer researchers say that it is crucial to get yourself tested for possible cancers if your weight inexplicably drops some by some ten or fifteen pounds. Throat cancer is also certainly known to cause loss of weight.

Discolored tissues in the mouth. If strange patches appear inside the mouth, these could be an indication that there is a cancer present. Such patches could be white or red, or even black in color. Research by the Oral Cancer Foundation indicates that such cancers are generally caused by the Papillomavirus, which is known to cause oral cancers and cancers of the throat. HPV 16 is a particularly virulent Papillomavirus, and it can equally affect both men and women. If you notice these distinctive patches in your mouth, you may well be suffering from oropharyngeal cancer.